Man Advantage: Be the Extra Attacker


If you’ve ever been in the Saddledome during any playoff games you know the atmosphere. The place is loud and rowdy long before puck drop, long before the national anthem(s). Pretty much everyone in attendance is in red. In fact there’s so much red it actually creates a glow in the arena.

Fans are pumped from the rafters down to rinkside, cheering, chanting, making enough noise to make the rock band Sleazy Joe complain (Sleazy Joe in 2008 in concert in Hassleholm Sweden were recorded at 143.2 decibels – the loudest -measured concert in history). That atmosphere and that noise has intimidated opposing teams and fired up the Calgary Flames.
The fans can be the extra player for the home team. When the crowd fires up, they can fire up their team. It’s infectious. Visiting teams have a hard time talking to each other on the ice thanks to the din. If it wasn’t a proven fact, football teams wouldn’t have worked out physical signals when they possess the ball in enemy territory. The adrenaline rush through the stands literally bleeds out and over the boards and into the players.

Remember Sam Bennett’s first home playoff game a couple years ago? The game hadn’t even started and he was seen on the bench mouthing to a team mate: “This is f…ing sick!”. He fed of the energy from that crowd and had a pretty decent game that night. This is what positive energy can do for a team. This is what the Calgary Flames need at home from here through the entirety of any playoff run they might have this post-season. This crowd noise needs to start this Friday night March 6 when the Arizona Coyotes pay a visit.



Not only Friday: That energy has to be brought every single home game left in this 2019/2020 regular season. Then that enthusiasm needs to be turned up – all the way up. If you’ve seen the movie This Is Spinal Tap, you’ll know what this picture  is about:


Now is the time for Flames fans to crank it up to eleven. Bring in the positive energy. Being all rah-rah and go-team-go really does go a long way. If you’re going to any of the remaining home games, wear red, get loud, start a Go Flames Go! chant if nobody else has. Whatever you do, do not let the Saddledome go quiet. This is your charge, fans: Get your gear on (wear red) get ready to hit the ice, and yell your heads off. You are all the third defenseman, the fourth forward, the second goalie. Cheer your Flames from beginning to finish, then watch our team respond not just for you, but because of you. Your positivity can carry them a long way. Make it happen.

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